Welcome dear users from all over the world, and users from Poland which is source country of Teen Kasia.

Kasia is from Poland – some of you probably even didn’t heard about this country – no loss. It has a poor economy, lazy people, useless politicians and idiotic social laws (its common in so fucking called EU), but the beautiful girls are only thing which is ok in this bullshit country.

Kasia decided to go to the U.S. because of her poverty. She came there with her so called boyfriend… But her boyfriend seems to be an asshole which treated her bad. So she left him – but she couldn’t speak english, she didn’t have any job skills, so she started to do one of not too many things which nearly anyone can do – she started do naked sessions. Her amazing beauty helped her a lot. That’s how she became famous. Definitely she’s one of the most famous polish adult models (according to google stats some of busty chicks are higher ranked – but I never liked big boobs – so Kasia is more then ok for me ;)


Phil flash kasia posing on the table Phil flash kasia showing her ass in the classrom